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Felipe has been an inspiration to our daughter over this past year of piano lessons, laying a foundation for learning that applies to all subjects.

Camelle & David A.

We dreamed of our son, David, playing the piano and Felipe has made our dream come true with his devoted work and the dedication he brings to every lesson. We feel very blessed to have him teach our son, not just music, but, also, different strategies for accomplishing his goals. The classes have taken him a long way. They are personalized and have been a success for David. We hope Felipe will still be teaching and mentoring David for many more years.

Lina & Mauricio D.

My two children have been taking piano lessons with Felipe for the past 3 years. He has been more than just a piano teacher to our children; he has also been a great role model and inspiration for them as well. As an elementary school teacher, I can easily asses a person who is fit to work with and instruct young children. I can confidently say that Felipe has the gift, patience and talent to teach children. That mixed with his piano skill makes him a model piano teacher.

Freddy & Cherie D

I have had the great fortune of finding Felipe in my life and having him introduce my children, Kevin and Kelly, to music at an early age in their life. I have seen their academic performance grow in proportion to their growth in music, especially in mathematics. I have also seen the discipline that has been created in their minds and their development in other aspects of their intellect. This is a beautiful addition to their body of knowledge. I well do my best to maintain the enthusiasm in my children. God bless you!

Gloria D.

My daughter, Marianna, is a new student and has been studying with Felipe for just a few months now. In that short amount of time I've been extremely impressed with the quality of Felipe's teaching, his capacity to motivate my daughter and the high level of his standards. His insistence on eliciting and accepting only the very best from Marianna is inspiring. His goals for her future are serious and ambitious. I'm very excited to see how far she will go under his teaching. I can already tell he is a dedicated and exceptionally talented teacher.

Olga L

Felipe is a wonderful piano teacher. He has been teaching piano to four of my kids for over a year now and I can honestly say that I am amazed by how far my kids have progressed in just one year. They have achieved far more than I ever expected. Felipe is an amazing pianist himself and his love and dedication to music is apparent in his teaching. He is able to teach each student with an individual approach that works best with their ability and personality, emphasizing their technique and musicality. Felipe is a gifted teacher and I recommend him unconditionally.

Magda M

Felipe has taught our kids for almost a year. His patience and teaching methods make the kids play piano confidently and in a more concentrated way. His system, which is the foundation, helps them to break their bad habits and focus on the right technique. Felipe always wants to analyze the mistakes and understand WHY they occurred so the kids and Felipe together can find a way to fix the mistakes. He doesn't let his students pass a song until the song and the technique are perfect. Also, he gives very clear instructions for practice. We couldn't be more satisfied.

Jennifer & Michael S.

My wife and I feel very fortunate to have found Felipe as a piano teacher for our children. Felipe is not only very talented as a pianist, he is also very dedicated and uniquely skillful as a teacher. Teaching piano is not a side job for Felipe. He has a passion for piano education and methodology. Every student has different needs and Felipe deliberately personalizes every lesson to address those needs. More than just learning piano pieces, he emphasizes good technique, practice strategies, music theory and ear training. His teaching and planning, however, does not stop at the end of a lesson. Felipe regularly makes notes and new plans for his students and takes time to discuss progress with parents. We have only been with Felipe for one year but in that short time have appreciated the progress our children have made. We look forward to weekly lessons where previously new and challenging piano pieces somehow become easy and beautiful. Thank you, Felipe, for the time and dedication you give us.

Mark M

As parents of two boys (ages 11 & 9), we are very happy with Felipe as their piano teacher and with the progress they have made under his teaching. When our oldest son wanted to learn how to play piano because his school classmates were taking piano lessons (in Japanese school, kids taking piano lessons outside of school is standard without exception), we were lucky to find Felipe through a local school connection. Since then, my boys have made so much progress. They are playing many beautiful songs and hearing their performances makes me very happy. Felipe not only teaches techniques, but also focus, good posture, and how to digest many different types of music. They receive seriously what they are taught by Felipe and, in turn, naturally know how to feel the world of music. They look like little professionals when they play piano. You can feel their vibe through the music they play and such musical enjoyment and skill will stay with them forever. For them to reach this point is enough to satisfy me (my parents gave me the opportunity to learn piano and now I want to give the same to my boys), however, if the boys want to go for more, I am very certain Felipe can lead them to another level. I am excited to see their growth. Felipe is always patient with the kids while also being straightforward. He tells them when they are right and when they are wrong. Sometimes I feel that many teachers give comments like "great" for just anything. Felipe can point out mistakes and show how to overcome difficulties with specific techniques, and he can explain the reason behind those techniques. Children, even at a young age, when they understand the reason, have no sense of failure- they just practice more because they want to overcome their challenges.

Phil & Sherry N.

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I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.

John Steinbeck

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